Van drivers 'rudest on the roads'

Van drivers are considered to be the rudest and most inconsiderate road users by fellow motorists, according to a new survey.

Online firm VanInsurance said the White Van Man was followed on the "rudest motorists" list by taxi drivers, young people, old people and lorry drivers.

A poll of 1,500 people found that among the most annoying habits attributed to van drivers were cutting other motorists up, pulling out in front of them and tailgating.

Besides undisciplined driving, they also upset fellow motorists by swearing, gesticulating and showing a lack of courtesy.

The respondents were displeased about van drivers' habit of not saying thank you when allowed into a traffic queue and not doing the same for other drivers.

VanInsurance managing director Lee Grandin said: "Rude drivers are thoughtless and their bad behaviour contributes to unsafe driving conditions.

"We all know that very rude people are not fun to deal with at the best of times, but our roads are the worst place to bump into them. At the very least, rude drivers cause frustration and anxiety and, at worst, may indirectly cause road rage or even road traffic collisions."

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