Valentine's day fuel protest - truck pull to Downing Street, campaign besieged by support

Quentin Willson will lead a team of fuel campaigners pulling a 7 Ton truck up Whitehall to Downing Street at 11.00am on Monday 14th February 2011 as part of the nationwide FairFuelUK campaign.

FairFuelUK has been besieged with support from all over the country.
Quentin Willson said: "This is our Valentine's Day message to the Prime Minister and Chancellor – 'Have a Heart'!  We are determined to drive the message home to Government that business and the public are suffering and that the price of fuel is threatening the economic recovery. The toil of pulling this 7-ton truck is our metaphor for the severe hardship people are feeling in their everyday lives. If the proposed April fuel duty hike goes ahead, we believe it could push Britain into a double dip recession. I shall also be delivering a letter to Downing Street, asking for a personal meeting with the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon. David Cameron, so that I can relay to him face to face the hardship people are facing."
Peter Carroll, campaign organiser said: "The Government have given 'hints' that they may be rethinking their April duty hike. The whole country needs to get behind this campaign to make sure that they DO listen and that they DO act. Every signature on helps the cause."
Theo De Pencier of the Freight Transport Association said: "The logistics sector literally keeps our economy moving and it would be sheer folly to increase the cost of doing business at a time when many companies are struggling to survive. Increasing fuel prices may give Treasury coffers a short term boost, but doing so will severely jeopardise Britain's long-term economic recovery. We urge people to get behind our Campaign and help give businesses some breathing space by seeing the fuel duty rise in April scrapped."
Geoff Dunning of the Road Haulage Association said: "The response to the petition has been good, but if we are to stand any chance of making it even better, every user of fuel must add their signature. Taking half a minute to sign the petition could end up saving you a small fortune."
Adrian Tink from the RAC said: "It's time that drivers started to get a fairer deal - and when it's costing the average motorist in excess of £70 pounds to fill up their car - they have every right to believe that they're not getting one. The Government came into power telling us they would, in their own words, 'end the war on motorists' - right now that starts and ends with the price we pay at the pump. Scrapping the April increase won't end that war, but it will give us an indication of whose side they're on."
Note:  The truck pull will start at 11 a.m., outside the Wales Office, Whitehall (next door to No61) and end at Downing Street.  Quentin Willson will be outside the Wales office from 10.30 a.m.