V60 Plug-In Hybrid price announced

Swedish firm Volvo has announced the price of its V60 Plug-in Hybrid due to be launched in the UK next year.

The base model of V60 Plug-in Hybrid that features a 'D6' badge will be sold for between £45,000 and £50,000 in the country.

The price does not include any government subsidy such as the current Plug-In Car Grant where a buyer of an eco-friendly car receives a grant of £5,000.

Although the diesel-electric family car has a remarkable combination of torque, efficiency, engineering and good looks, the price could shock the industry as most people speculated the new car may cost around £35,000.

V60 Plug-in Hybrid costs 50% more than a Nissan Leaf.

Motorists looking to buy the vehicle may find it useful to take out a suitablecar insurance policy.

A selected few journalists were given an opportunity to try the prototype of the four-wheel drive V60 Plug-in Hybrid in September.

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