Used Saabs cars 'are a bargain now'

Saab's current troubles may be bad news for the motoring industry, but they are a great opportunity for those looking for quality cut-price used cars, according to analysts.

With uncertainty growing over the troubled General Motor's owned company's future, prices of used Saab models have seen a sharp slump since July last year, reports Used Car Expert magazine.

General Motor has already invited offers for the car maker and has said it may cease production if no buyer is found.

The price "lunacy" on used Saabs, however, will not last long and values are bound to bounce back, said the magazine's editor Matt Tumbridge.

He stated: "The Saab brand has long been under-supported by GM in the UK and dealers have been discounting stock to get rid of it - most notably Stratstone who have been advertising a half million pound Saab stock clearance."

Pointing to the case of MG-Rover, Mr Tumbridge added: Rovers are now very firm in terms of used car residuals. Saab has a following, are close to BMW in terms of style, performance, comfort. 

"It's lunacy that prices have been so soft so long and as soon as Saab's future is clear, prices will firm up."

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