Used cars attracting more buyers

Dealers across the country are buying up used cars in droves, according to motoring analyst EurotaxGlass's.

The publisher of Glass's Guide said that dealers are turning their attention to used vehicles in a bid to plug the gap left by the continuing falls in new car sales anticipated over the coming months.

EurotaxGlass's' managing editor, Adrian Rushmore, said: "Dealer stocks were at historically low levels thanks to fewer consumers bringing in used cars in part-exchange, as well as the efforts made by dealers to clear used stocks during the last quarter of 2008, and yet the level of trade buying is unprecedented for this time of year, exceeding all expectations given the broader economic conditions.

He said that there had been a lot of competition among dealers for the best cars, and added that even "problem cars" such as executive models and large 4x4s have been attracting bids.

"This is because the need to restock is great, and because many of the large gas guzzlers now appear very good value for money," Mr Rushmore explained.

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