Use of scooters needs clarification

Confusion relating to the use of mobility scooters needs to be cleared up, according to a report by MPs.

This can only be done if the quality of data pertaining to the use of these scooters is improved, said the report written by the House of Commons Transport Committee. MPs added that the Department for Transport (DfT) needs to make the rules clearer regarding who is able to use a mobility scooter in a public place.

In 2005, a review took place dealing with issues related to these. However, the report stated that the majority of this report's findings had not been acted upon. The chairman of the committee, Louise Ellman, has urged the Government to take heed of this new report's recommendations.

She said: "Increasingly, mobility scooters are a vital aid for many people in the UK. We welcome the independence that these vehicles can give people to go about their daily lives. However, we are concerned about the many reported accidents and injuries involving the scooters.

"The Government does not have adequate data on either how many mobility scooters are currently in use or on the number and type of accidents in which they might be involved."

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