Updated Code targets new drivers

An updated Highway Code has been published which includes guidelines to help new drivers through their first year on the road in Northern Ireland, the region's Environment Minister has announced.

Foreign language versions of the pamphlet - in Polish, Lithuanian, Mandarin and Portuguese - will also be produced later this summer to help migrants who might not be familiar with local road traffic laws, Sammy Wilson added.

The updated booklet includes information on new legislation on vehicle emissions and smoking in vehicles considered to be workplaces.

"The new Highway Code recognises the vulnerability of newly qualified drivers and includes a safety guide to support them through the first 12 months after passing their test," Mr Wilson said.

"The code also includes significant improvements to promote greater understanding between road users and further promote road safety."

Mr Wilson added: "The code will provide good advice that is current, will make things clearer and will prepare us for the demands of today's roads.

"It is a crucial guide for all road users at every time of life, whether they travel by car, motorcycle, bicycle, horse or on foot."

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