Unlucky '13' plates are compulsory

Unlucky '13' plates are compulsory

The vehicle data company CAP has stressed that drivers will not be able to choose a '62' rather than a '13' plate when buying a new car next March.

There had been suggestions that it would be possible to opt not to have the '13' plate as the drivers themselves and "superstitious family members" might suffer from Triskaidekaphobia, a fear of the number 13.

But, despite the industry being "rife" with speculation about next year's number plates, Martin Ward from CAP has confirmed that buyers will not be able to avoid the '13' plate unless they want to buy a private plate from around £250.

"The rumour that drivers will be allowed to opt out of 'unlucky 13' was based more on hope than fact, as our contacts at the DVLA have confirmed," he said.

Mr Ward did say that some people are genuinely "nervous" about the new plates though and, whilst he said it was "easy to poke fun" at them, he admitted that he had no idea whether the second-hand car values of cars with a '13' plate would suffer.

"It is not often we say this at CAP but we have no idea whether the used values of 13-plate cars will be affected or not, although it does seem unlikely," he added.

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