UN delegates offered test drives

Delegates attending the United Nations climate change summit in Copenhagen have been offered test drives of zero-emission vehicles from electric sports car manufacturer Tesla.

The firm has given the 15,000 conference goers from across the world the chance to try out the zero-tailpipe emission Teslas, which can be charged using wind or solar power.

A single battery charge can power the vehicles, which offer sports car acceleration and handling, for 400km.

Tesla is taking advantage of the environment-driven mood at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change during which attendees will stay in eco-friendly hotels and use public transport.

Ricardo Reyes, Tesla's vice president of communication, said: "The core of Tesla's business model is sustainability, so we are honoured to play an important role in this seminal conference on the environment.

"Tesla has played a leading role in encouraging the global automotive industry to 'go electric,' and we are thrilled that other automakers, entrepreneurs and policy makers are joining the EV revolution."

So far, 900 Tesla vehicles have been delivered to customers in Europe and America.

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