UK's Ferrari love affair continues

UK's Ferrari love affair continues

The second biggest market in the world for Ferrari cars is now the UK - following a record-breaking year for sales.

A total of 677 of the performance cars were delivered to the UK last year, up on 2012 levels and now ahead of Germany and China.

The US is Ferrari's biggest market, accounting for more than a third of last year's 6,922 sales.

The firm, owned by Fiat, would not reveal the sales breakdown per model, but conceded that the launch of the F12 Berlinetta front-engined GT coupe was a big factor.

A spokesman said: "V12s have always been popular in the UK."

The F12 is the brand's most expensive road-going car, at £239,352.

Its sales of V12 engines are up 19% globally on the previous year, while V8 sales were down 12%, which reverses a downsizing trend seen across the auto industry.

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