UK storms expected to continue

UK storms expected to continue

Stormy conditions are expected to cause further widespread disruption to Britain's transport network.

The torrential downpours have caused flash flooding in parts of the UK, with the North Tyneside area being hit particularly hard.

Following intense rain flooding has caused roads, the Metro network, the Tyne Tunnel and Newcastle's MetroCentre to close.

With flooding breaking out like this on roads in the summertime, it is important for drivers to both check the weather on their route and make sure they have up-to-datebreakdown cover .

The Tyne Tunnel was able to reopen after the floods subsided, but Metros remained at a standstill throughout the night on Thursday.

Meanwhile, a series of power cuts also caused 15,000 homes to endure blackouts as Northern Power Grid engineers tried to fix the problem.

Other areas hit badly by the flooding included Herefordshire and Worcestershire, as roads in Rednal, Catshill and Droitwich Spa were flooded.

Another county badly affected by the harsh weather was Cheshire, with a fallen tree on the M56 disrupting traffic.

Meanwhile, flooding on the A691 in Lanchester, County Durham, and B601 in Gateshead also caused strife for motorists.

A section of Stoney Road in Dundonald, Northern Ireland, also had to be closed due to flooding.

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