UK racer finds 235mph car a drag

A driver from Bristol has put his 235mph drag racing car on the market because it is too slow.

Ian Caseley, 41, is hoping to sell the RoadZombie II for £20,000 and find an investor to build an even faster vehicle.

Mr Caseley, from Redhill, spent £60,000 on the 28ft-long jet-propelled RoadZombie II which he then raced for three seasons at the Santa Pod Raceway in Northampton.

His new project will see him create a new machine that will rocket to 380mph in just over four seconds using a rocket engine powered by propulsion-grade hydrogen peroxide.

The new machine, RoadZombieIII, will cost £100,000 to get on the road, and Mr Caseley is confident it will be the fastest car in the country.

Mr Caseley started drag racing in 2001 when he raced a 1959 Ford 100E at the drag strip at Stratford-upon-Avon.

It was while drag racing that he became inspired after meeting the British land speed record holder, Colin Fallows.

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