UK drivers warned over fuel prices

Motorists in Britain are being warned they could face petrol price increases as a result of strikes against pension reforms in France that have sparked a fuel crisis in the country.

Authorities in France have responded by force opening fuel depots barricaded by striking workers and are buying more fuel on the global market - a move that could mean higher wholesale prices across northern Europe.

French interior minister Brice Hortefeux said three fuel depots in western France were forced to reopen in a bid to end crippling shortages affecting nearly one third of the country's petrol stations.

Protests against plans to raise the retirement age to 62 have caused widespread disruption across France. In the Paris suburb of Nanterre, protesting youths turned violent, breaking shop windows and clashing with riot police.

French interior minister Brice Hortefeux has threatened to send in paramilitary police to stop rioting on the fringes of protests.

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