UK drivers 'third safest in EU'

Motorists in Britain are the third safest drivers in Europe, according to a survey.

A poll byGoodyear Dunlop has named German drivers as the safest in the European Union, with 18% out of 3,500 respondents voting for the country.

Sweden bagged second spot, earning 9% of the votes, followed by the UK in third position with 6% of votes.

However, according to the survey, British motorists need additional knowledge about their car tyres and their significance in road safety more than the other EU drivers surveyed.

A whopping 71% of British drivers do not know how to tell the difference between tyre types without help and 62% are not even aware if they are using summer, winter or another type of tyre currently. 42% know little or nothing about the role that tyres play in terms of grip.

The poll, conducted by APCO Insight for "Goodyear Dunlop Europe", also found that 59% of EU drivers check their tyre pressure regularly, but 50% might not do so before heading out on a long journey.

More than 33% even continue driving normally on worn out tyres, making it absolutely essential to have the best possiblecar insurance policy in case such negligence leads to an accident.

Tom Delforge, director of communications, EMEA, Goodyear Dunlop, said: "This survey on tyres and road safety reveals some of the worrying driving practices we all need to address to make our roads safer places.

"It also shows a number of road safety risks that can be addressed by promoting the right tyre choice, building more awareness and encouraging better maintenance."

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