UK drivers planning to head abroad

As many as 17% of Britons are planning to drive their own cars overseas in the coming year, a poll of motorists has revealed.

The most popular destination is perhaps unsurprisingly France, with Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Italy proving the next most popular.

Nearly half (48%) of those planning to drive abroad say they will do more than 1,000 miles on foreign roads, while 19% will do between 500 miles and 1,000 miles.

This raises issues about the level of insurance cover required for foreign travel and differences in local traffic regulations.

For example, in Spain drivers must carry a spare wheel, a spare fan belt and a full set of spare bulbs plus the tools to change them.

In addition, UK motorists in Spain could be charged an on-the-spot fine if they do not carry two red warning triangles to put in front and behind their car if they have an accident or break down.

Those using any radar-detecting device in France could have their car and device seized and could be fined, even if the device is switched off.

The best advice is to go with your eyes open and make sure you are fully prepared for all eventualities.

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