UK biofuels failing eco standards

Biofuels in vehicle tanks across the country are failing to achieve a 50% government target, a report has revealed, with only a third meeting environmental standards.

The Renewable Fuels Agency (RFA) said that despite the findings, 3.33% of diesel and petrol on UK roads now comes from renewable sources - beating the 3.25% goal set for the past year.

While almost 1.6 billion litres were supplied in 2009/10, only 33% met a sufficient number of environmental and sustainability standards, such as ensuring that growing the fuels did not destroy wildlife-rich areas, cause air pollution or damage carbon stores, soils and water resources.

The RFA said the majority of fuels were sourced from outside the UK, with just 10% of the plant crops used grown in this country.

Some 98% of the UK crops met all environmental and sustainability targets.

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