U-turn over 'excessive' road signs

Motorists in Gloucestershire are being distracted on a half-mile stretch of road by 71 signs warning them to slow down and telling them where they are.

The signs, which cost more than £8,500 and include 36 No U-turn signs, on the A419 in Stonehouse have been called confusing and detrimental to the natural landscape by the Campaign to Protect Rural England group.

Highways officials said the "excessive" number of signs were put in place on the Ebley Bypass 12 years ago in response to concerns that drivers were doing dangerous U-turn manoeuvres.

But now officials have decided to take down some of the signs in order to declutter the road in a bid not to distract drivers passing by.

Scott Tompkin, from Gloucestershire Highways, said: "These signs were installed 12 years ago when the road was very different to how it is now.

"We already have a project on a different section of the A419 to reduce the number of signs there and we will definitely do something about this section."

The Campaign to Protect Rural England said the countryside was being urbanised by excessive use of road signs, markings and street furniture.

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