Tyre pressures concern commission

Tyre pressures concern commission

The European Commission has, through a report, emphasised the problems associated with under-inflated tyres, as they increase fuel consumption by 4% and reduce the life of a tyre by 45%.

By driving on under-inflated tyres the commission also stated that around five million tonnes of CO2 are released.

Additionally, tyre experts have warned of the instability of cars due to tyres not being inflated properly.

A prominent motor tyre manufacturer conducted a study in nine European countries of 38,000 vehicles and concluded that 71% were driving on tyres that were not pumped up enough.

Tyre specialist mytyres.co.uk explained how important it is to get the pressure in tyres correct.

It stated: "Riding a bicycle with incorrectly inflated tyres requires much more personal energy to move the bicycle forward. The same applies to your car. It has to work much harder to move the car forward thereby using more fuel than usual and creates more CO2 emissions which can damage the environment."

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