Tyre labels not dictating choice

Tyre labels not dictating choice

Tyre labelling is become more familiar to drivers across Europe - but they seldom use it when buying new tyres, a study suggests.

A year after labelling was introduced, research from the Ipsos Institute across the UK, Italy, Spain, France and Germany found that buyers are chiefly influenced by pricing and recommendations.

A third of motorists are aware of the labelling but only 8% of the 3,402-strong sample could quote the crucial criteria - wet grip, external rolling noise and rolling resistance.

Only 11% of the surveyed motorists who have bought tyres since labelling was introduced paid significant attention to the label.

The survey found that this was not a result of a lack of clarity in the labelling, as most were easy to understand according to three quarters of respondents.

Retailers' advice was found to have the biggest impact on tyre choice (19%), while brand loyalty and pricing were tied on 17%.

The study found that roughly a fifth of respondents had heard about labelling before the legislation came in, with four fifths saying they were in favour of the concept once it had been outlined to them.

The study was repeated one year later to find out if drivers are more familiar with tyre labelling, or if their purchasing behaviour has changed.

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