Tyre feeds information to drivers

An "intelligent" tyre which uses microchip technology to relay information about its conditions and the state of the road to the driver is on its way to the market.

Pirelli's Cyber Tyre Lean can register data such as tyre pressure and temperature, as well as the average load of the vehicle.

The Cyber Lean can "read" the data relative to the tyre and send it to the car's on-board computer. The device can also detect tyre anomalies, which allows the driver to adopt a safe and correct driving style. The radio frequency identification (RFID) technology stores other data such as the type of tyre, the production date and the production site.

The Cyber Tyre "Lean" is self-powered by taking the necessary energy directly from the mechanical vibrations transmitted to the device from the tyre as it turns.

It also gives data on the actual and potential friction coefficients, the force of the contact between tyre and road, and on the load, instantaneously thanks to the insertion of a triaxial accelerometer and by means of complex algorithms.

In the future, Pirelli plans to develop the the Cyber Lean to produce a tyre that is an actual sensor in itself.

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