Two-wheeled PTs 'should be legal'

A Liberal Democrat MP has said that steps to combat climate change should include allowing the use of "self-balancing personal transporters" (PTs) on Britain's roads.

Long-standing environmental campaigner Lembit Opik hailed the two-wheeled devices as a "miracle of convenience" and an "antidote to gridlock".

The electric vehicles - which users stand on and are balanced by gyroscopes - have low carbon emissions and a top speed of 12mph.

They are currently not allowed on Britain's roads, but Mr Opik argues that they should be permitted under the same regulations as electric bicycles in a bid to get people out of their cars.

During a short Commons debate, he called for trials on public roads from February, adding: "In facing mobility problems, congestion and climate change, the adoption of the personal transporter for public use is not only attractive, I think it's essential."

Responding to Mr Opik's comments, transport minister Paul Clark acknowledged that the devices were "ingenious" but also controversial. He said they did not fit easily into existing categories for road use, and their intended use needed to be clarified.

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