Two decades of Mondeo motoring

Two decades of Mondeo motoring

The Ford Mondeo - James Bond's other car - is celebrating its 20th anniversary ahead of the launch of its latest version next year.

With 4.5 million cars sold in Europe and 1,400,000 in Britain, the Mondeo has not only had an impact on the entertainment and automotive industries, it even became part of the English language when Tony Blair used it to define the "Mondeo Man" class of voters.

Now actor Ray Winstone is getting in on the act; singing its praises in a new online video to mark two decades of Mondeo motoring.

Ford of Europe's vice president of Product Development, Barb Samardzich, says the Mondeo's dynamic driveability, innovative technologies, excellent safety rating and superb fuel efficiency have given the model a "rich history and a bright future".

Ford spent five years and £3 billion developing the Mondeo before its introduction in 1993 and it took the Car of the Year award a year later.

The first model included pioneering airbag technology, traction control, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and power steering, and the Mondeo has continued this kind of innovation ever since.

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