Two cars trapped by high tides

Two cars trapped by high tides

The drivers of two cars are likely to be checking the fine-print on their car insurance policies after the RNLI pulled them out of the sea, after being caught out by the highest tide of the year on Wednesday afternoon.

Coastguards received several calls from members of the public informing them that two people were on the roof of a vehicle on the beach surrounded by water in Redcar, near Middlesbrough.

The Redcar Lifeboat was sent to assist them at 3.20pm but when they got to the scene they were safely on a dry part of the beach. One of the drivers had suffered a minor hand injury.

The Lifeboat crew used its launching tractor to pull the vehicle from the water to prevent any pollution from the fuel in the car.

Soon afterwards the crew were alerted to another similar problem at the Marine Club in nearby South Gare.

When the lifeboat crew arrived they found a vehicle trapped by the tide after trying to load a speedboat onto a trailer.

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