TV policemen comments 'bravado'

A senior police officer has defended comments made by traffic policemen in a TV documentary, who described themselves as "hunting sharks", as "bravado" that helps them cope with their job.

Channel 4 documentary Coppers showed traffic officers from Cambridgeshire Police at work on the county's roads. One officer said: "I love nicking people. Lock everybody up all day if I could."

Another remarked: "We are like sharks in water. We are hunting."

The documentary explored the duties of traffic officers such as preventing death and serious injury, attending serious collisions and having to inform people of family members who have been killed in accidents.

Chief Inspector Mike Winters, of Cambridgeshire Police, said: "When you see the kind of situations the officers have to deal with in the second half of the documentary you can start to understand the humour is just a coping mechanism.

"I hope the documentary gives members of the public and fellow officers an insight into the job."

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