'Turn your engine over' plea to motorists

After a manic Monday morning calls to RAC peaked between 10:30 – 11:30 at around 3500 per hour - the busiest since the cold spell began.

Non-starts, frozen cooling systems and wipers frozen to the windscreen continue to be the main causes of breakdowns. The busiest areas are Scotland, the whole of the North down to the East Midlands and Kent.

With sub-zero temperatures expected overnight, RAC is reminding motorists who have not used their cars for a few days to take the time to turn their engine over and prevent further mayhem tomorrow morning.

Alan Wilcock, RAC Patrol Ambassador of the Year, said: "Many motorists have heeded the advice of the last few days not to use their cars.  However, if you haven’t turned your engine on for several days it is worth taking a few minutes to do so and let it run for a over five minutes but do not leave the car unattended.  This will help prevent non-starts."

"Also, ensure your wipers a not frozen to the windscreen when you turn them on or you may end up with a blown fuse or damaged wiper motor.  Spray with de-icer or pour over some tepid water to release them."