Truck team sets new Arctic record

An Antarctic motoring adventure has been officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the fastest overland journey to the South Pole.

The two Arctic Trucks International vehicles started at the Antarctica High Plateau from Novolazarevskaya station (Novo) and finished 108 hours later at the South Pole.

The vehicles reached their destination at an average speed of 21.4km/h and an average fuel efficiency of 2.2km/per litre, which enabled them to only stop to refuel once on the four-and-a half-day journey.

There has never been any other high plateau journeys recorded in Antarctica with such speed and fuel efficiency.

Emil Grimsson, executive chairman of Arctic Trucks, said: "We are delighted to celebrate this new world record with the team, which also marks a growing recognition of the power of Arctic Trucks solutions for expedition use."

The expedition trucks, which were purpose built and based around a Toyota Hilux platform, made an unofficial faster time on the return journey, completing the trip a day quicker at 27.5km/h.

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