Troops to get road safety training

Black Watch soldiers posted in Afghanistan and used to driving in a "lawless state" are to be given special road safety training when they return.

Northern Constabulary officers will offer courses in the run-up to Christmas to help troops re-adjust to driving at home.

It is part of the Army's wider measures aimed at providing "after-care" to returning soldiers so they can adapt to the "theatre of life" after the "theatre of war".

Since most of the soldiers coming back after active duty in the Helmand province are of an age group most likely to be involved in car crashes, the training will focus on road safety hazards including drink-driving.

A spokesman for Northern Constabulary said: "Their commanding officers at the MOD continue to show concern for their wellbeing after they return from duty and have invited Northern Constabulary along to the barracks on a number of occasions to speak about the dangers which exist on our roads and the consequences of drinking and driving."

Earlier in July, Scott Bain, 21 of the The Highlanders, 4th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland, was killed in an accident while on leave from Germany.

In September 2008, Stephen Jackson, of the Royal Highland Fusiliers, admitted killing fellow soldier Scott Wilson in a high-speed car chase.

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