Triumph announces Tiger pricing

Pricing details of the January-bound Tiger sports bikes have been announced, with

Triumph's latest adventure bikes have been designed to suit the requirements of a number of different riders. They allow shorter bikers to bring the seat height down by 20mm, and allow taller ones to exchange the rubber foot pegs to get 20mm more legroom.

The 800cc three-cylinder engine bikes, Tiger 800 and its more sophisticated cousin Tiger 800 XC, also come with a 645w generator that is 50% more powerful than BMW's F800GS. The generators can power heated grips, fog light, and GPS.

Tiger 800 XC, which has higher specifications and is an off-road model, will come to retail starting at £7,749.

The bikes have been designed to rival BMW's R1200GS and F800GS, which have a strong hold over the adventure sports sector.

While the demo bikes are expected to hit the road by December end, both Tiger models will see showrooms in January 2011.

Triumph says that it has considered the planned VAT increase and has added it to the cost of the bike so that bikers will not get a shock when the new year comes.

ABS versions of the two Tigers will be out in March, with a price tag of £600 more.

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