Trials for 80mph motorways planned

An 80mph speed limit is to be trialled on busy sections of British motorway.

Transport Secretary Justine Greening is to arrange pilot schemes for motorways such as the M25, which have wider sections.

But first Greening will hold talks with motoring organisations over the plans, which could be implemented in full by 2013.

However, the move has attracted criticism from a road safety charity, which instead called for congestion-easing measures.

Julie Townsend, Brake deputy chief executive, called the move a "gamble with people's lives", with the charity calling for the plans to be scrapped.

She added: "The Government should instead look at how it can reduce costly and devastating crashes, and reduce congestion, through more variable speed limits and other measures, without negating the safety benefits by increasing the upper limit.

"We urge the Transport Secretary to consult road safety groups in the coming weeks to hear their views."

The plans would see people driving faster on some of the UK's busiest roads, further underscoring the importance of comprehensive car insurance cover.

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