Trapped driver 'screamed for help'

A woman who suffered a terrifying ordeal when the car she was driving became trapped under the bumper of a lorry on a busy motorway has revealed she thought she was going to die.

Rona Williams was driving her Renault Clio along the A1(M) near Leeds when it became trapped under the bumper of an Arclid Transport HGV.

The lorry driver failed to notice her when she joined the motorway and shunted the car for more than a minute at speeds of up to 60mph.

Mrs Williams, 31, of York, said she believed the lorry would push her into a crash barrier at the side of the road and kill her.

In the frantic situation, she called for help on her mobile phone.

The episode, which was recorded by the passenger in a car travelling along the same road, was posted on video sharing website YouTube last week.

She told the Daily Mail: "I just screamed at the operator 'I'm going to die, I'm going to die - can you do something?'

"She tried to calm me down but there wasn't really anything she could do at the end of the phone."

Mrs Williams had only joined the motorway 10 minutes away from her vet's surgery in Garforth when her car was clipped by the lorry and twisted sideways, trapping it under the front bumper.

In a bid to release her vehicle she pulled on the handbrake and flashed her hazard lights to try to catch the driver's attention, as well as that of any other road users, but it took the lorry driver nearly a minute to notice her.

When he did he was "all over the place", Mrs Williams said, and finally managed to bring both vehicles to a stop on the hard shoulder. The driver did not seem too worried about what had happened, Mrs Williams said, and "he even asked if I thought he needed to hang around".

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