Transport policy body to be axed

The Government has announced that it is set to abolish an integrated transport policy advisory body among other automotive agencies as part of its quango cull.

The Commission for Integrated Transport (CfIT), which was established in 1998 and advised the Department for Transport about future policy options and technology, will be axed under the new Government plans to cut spending.

Other non-departmental state agencies to be abolished include the Renewable Fuels Agency, which is a sustainable fuels regulator, the Cycling England group and the Disabled Persons' Transport Advisory Committee.

The Government said that the scrapping of the CfIT means that it will now have to look at ways of delivering "external analysis and strategic advice on cross-modal transport policy and realising benefits, at lower cost".

It said the functions of the Renewable Fuels Agency, which awards renewable transport fuel certificates (RTFCs) to suppliers of biofuels in the UK, will be transferred to Transport Secretary Philip Hammond.

Additionally, axing the Cycling England group implies that the Government "will explore ways of marshalling expert input on cycling issues" including supporting a previously announced local sustainable travel fund.

Semi-independent public agencies that are being retained but "substantially reformed" include the rail customer watchdog Passenger Focus.

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