Train station parking needs review

Train station parking needs review

Motorists won't suffer "daylight robbery" car parking at train stations after the general election - if a union gets its way.

Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA) officials have called on Labour to include station car park fees in cost control restrictions on fares, should it win the election on May 7.

As it is, drivers leaving their cars at stations are the victims of rail firm "profiteering', the union claims. It said rail firms are not subjected to Government caps on parking ticket prices - unlike key train fares - creating what TSSA's Manuel Cortes describes as a "free-for-all".

The union general secretary said that train passengers who park get caught in the rail companies' "greedy crossfire".

TSSA urges a Labour government to tackle this issue by bringing parking under the Government's price control ceiling umbrella, which is used to peg yearly fare rises for off-peak journeys and season tickets.

Mr Coates said that rail passengers who park are "cash cows" for the rail firms.

Train firm leaders claim several stations allow motorists to park free of charge. They added that stations which do charge set tariffs similar to car parks in town centres.

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