Traffic lights 'confusion' revealed

More than half of drivers do not know the order in which traffic lights change, a study has found.

According to car retail firm, only 48% of motorists were able to correctly identify red as the signal which appears after amber.

Of those surveyed, 39% thought an amber light was followed by green, 7% reckoned it changed to green and amber, while 6% expected red and amber to appear next.

Motorists in the East Midlands were the most likely to know the right order, with 64% identifying red as the signal after amber, while those in Wales appeared to be least knowledgeable with only 40% identifying the correct sequence.

Autoquake's chief executive Dermot Halpin said: "We're surprised that so few drivers remember the traffic light sequence correctly.

"It's amazing that so many drivers think an amber signal is about to change to green. Drivers should remember that an amber light means stop unless it is unsafe to do so."

He added: "As pedestrians we're worried that so many drivers expect to see a green and amber signal since this doesn't exist."

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