Traffic levels 'dip in Scotland'

Traffic levels are falling in Scotland, official figures have shown.

In 2010 there was a 1.7% dip in traffic volumes compared to the previous year, the Transport And Travel In Scotland report said. The figures have been falling since 2007, the report added.

A total of 67% of people still travel to work by car, which is a similar proportion to 2009.

While 14% of people rely on public transport for travelling to work, 13.4% go walking and just 2.3% cycling.

There were 3.4% fewer new-vehicle registrations last year compared to 2009.

More people are found to be using trains for their daily travel, but the number of people using buses decreased by 5.3%.

Scotrail saw a 1.8% rise in passenger numbers last year, rising to just over 78 million in 2010-11, up 22% since 2004-05.

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