Traffic jams 'put to good use'

Being stuck in traffic is a pain for any driver, but it appears some are putting the time to good use.

When facing gridlock, 22% reach for the make-up bag and make themselves pretty, or whip out a razor and shave.

Traffic jams are a godsend for 10% of drivers, who use them as an opportunity to prepare for business meetings or interviews.

And it seems being stuck at the wheel gives drivers a chance to reflect on their wardrobe choice, as 9% change their clothes.

The research, conducted by social driving app Waze, found 11% even use a traffic jam as an opportunity to flirt with fellow drivers.

But while time spent in traffic can be put to good use, breaking down is never enjoyable, so make sure you've got comprehensivebreakdown cover.

And not everyone manages to look on the bright side in a jam - 42% of people end up arguing behind the wheel out of frustration.

Three of the 1,000 respondents even said they had given birth while stuck in a traffic jam.

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