Traffic feed app tops iPhone charts

A mobile phone application providing live updates of traffic flow has topped iPhone popularity charts, just over a week after its release.

Launched by the Highways Agency, the free download provides motorists with the latest traffic feeds on England's motorways and major A roads, which it sources with data from the Agency's National Traffic Control Centre.

More than 50,000 people have already installed the application to their phone, taking it to the top of the travel charts and making it the fourth most popular free download overall.

To help motorists plan journeys and avoid congestion hotspots, the new iPhone app identifies the user's current location, provides a breakdown of any planned roadworks, displays live traffic updates and tunes in to the Highways Agency's digital radio station Traffic Radio.

Simon Sheldon-Wilson, the Highways Agency's director of traffic management, said: "By making our information freely available we are making it easier for people to plan their journeys.

"A few moments checking the route ahead before people set off can help us all cut congestion, save fuel and reduce carbon emissions."

The Highways Agency's network takes data from thousands of vehicle sensors buried in the road surface, CCTV cameras and reports from its patrols.

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