Tracking unit finds stolen car

Tracking unit finds stolen car

An Aston Martin car has been reunited with its owner - after a stolen vehicle tracking system helped police retrieve it within 20 minutes.

Once the hidden TRACKER unit was activated in the rare and distinctive Aston Martin DB7 GT, a silent signal was detected by an on-duty East London patrol officer only a few miles away.

The officer beamed in, using the TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery system, on the stolen car and found it parked up nearby.

So how does TRACKER work?

It operates like an electronic homing device. A secret transmitter is hidden in one of several dozen points around the car - undetectable by thieves as there is no visible aerial.

Uniquely, the device functions even if the vehicle is hidden in a garage or taken abroad, offering car owners peace of mind that auto theft victims can usually only find from a decentcar insurance policy.

Stuart Chapman, TRACKER's police relationships manager, said this was one of their fastest recoveries in the past year.

Aston Martin owner Nick Spikett said he was "astonished" at his car's quick recovery.

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