Toyota to use green power system

Toyota to use green power system

Toyota is set to use gas from a landfill site to power a vehicle production plant in the United States.

The Japanese car manufacturer has already set zero waste-to-landfill targets for its operations, and will now look to use the waste of others by generating "green" electricity from a rubbish tip close to its Georgetown, Kentucky factory.

Toyota expects the system to be up and running early next year and it will produce enough power to build around 10,000 vehicles a year.

The firm will collect the gas which is created when solid landfill waste breaks down. It is captured in a network of wells then used to fuel electricity generators. The power will then be fed to the Toyota factory a few miles away.

The system at full capacity is expected to generate one megawatt of electricity an hour, which is the requirement to power roughly 800 homes in the US.

Reusing the gas in this way will also cut greenhouse gas emissions from the landfill site by as much as 90%.

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