Toyota tests wireless charging idea

Toyota tests wireless charging idea

New technology could make recharging a hybrid or electric vehicle far simpler, according to Toyota.

The Japanese car maker says testing of its new wireless battery charging process for vehicles with an electric powertrain will get underway within days.

The system means vehicles can be charged just by parking them alongside a coil set in the ground, removing the need for cables and connectors and making the process far simpler.

The testing process involves three plug-in vehicles used by motorists in Aichi, Japan, and aims to find out how easy the system is to use, any occasions when it does not work and whether charging behaviour alters.

While hybrid and electric cars are currently more expensive to buy than conventional models, it is hoped advances in technology will encourage greater number of drivers to enter the market.

Toyota said it will use the feedback from its testing to make further improvements to the technology and hopes to be offering the system to the public in the not-to-distant future.

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