Toyota recalls Prius over brakes

Toyota is recalling its latest Prius model, including 8,500 in the UK, over problems with its brakes, it has emerged.

About 437,000 Prius and other hybrid vehicles will be recalled across the globe by the company following around 200 complaints over delayed braking.

Details of the braking problem will be outlined in a news conference to be held by Toyota Motor Corp president Akio Toyoda. He will also give details of plans for a possible US recall.

If the US plan goes ahead, the number of Prius gas-electric hybrids affected could swell to about 300,000.

The latest problem is the latest in a series of safety issues for the car maker. It is already trying to repair millions of cars affected by a sticky accelerator pedal.

Japan's Transport Ministry was informed of the of the braking problem by company officials. The recall affects models that went on sale last year.

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