Toyota offers tax-beating scheme

Toyota offers tax-beating scheme

Customers buying Toyotas can avoid extra costs of increased on-the-road car prices if they order and register their new car before the end of December.

With the return of VAT rates to 17.5% on January 1, on-the-road car prices are expected to increase from the beginning of next year.

List prices of certain Toyota models are due to increase on December 1, but those placing orders before the end of November will avoid the rise, even if their car is not registered until later in the month.

Toyota said the offer will appeal to customers already considering the chance to save at least £2,000 through the Government's extended "cash-for-bangers" scheme.

By ordering an Aygo Blue five-door manual model before December 1, and getting it registered before December 31, a buyer could save more than £500, compared with a purchase after January 1.

More than £1,000 could be saved on the on-the-road price of a British-built five-door Auris 1.6 Valvematic, and nearly £400 on that of a new Yaris 1.33 VVT-i hatchback if buyers act quickly.

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