Toyota develops new safety systems

Toyota has unveiled a series of safety technology concepts it plans to build into its next generation of vehicles.

Protecting pedestrians and elderly drivers is the main focus of the new systems designed by the Japanese car maker.

One of them involves a bonnet that springs up when a car collides with a pedestrian. It is aimed at avoiding head injuries to the victim from vehicles with very low bonnets.

Toyota has fine-tuned this system through computer simulations, dummy tests and extensive research of real-life scenarios.

Another technology is attached to the steering wheel and tracks the cardio-vascular activity of the driver based on how strong their grip is.

It is designed to alert the driver in the event of a possible cardiac incident, such as a heart attack, that could endanger their life and potentially lead to a serious road accident.

Toyota says it has developed the systems after studies in Japan showed people over 65 account for more than half of all road fatalities. The figures also show that more road deaths now involve pedestrians than car drivers.

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