Toyota considers axing 1,000 jobs

As the car market continues to struggle, Toyota is considering getting rid of more than 1,000 full-time jobs.

According to Nikkei, Japan's top business daily, the car giant is expected to finalise details by the end of the month.

The jobs are thought to be cut in the UK and North America, and if the slump continues more jobs in other regions could go.

Toyota spokesman Yuta Kaga would not confirm the report, saying that nothing had been decided.

However, he did say that at present there were seven plants in North America, employing 36,000 full-time workers, while in the UK 5,000 full-time staff were employed. Globally the figure is 316,000.

Toyota is also thought to have made its first operating loss in 70 years.

In a bid to tackle the downturn the company has already reduced the number of temporary workers at its plants in Japan.

If Toyota now decides to cut its full-time staff this will be the first time since 1950, when 1,600 full-time jobs in Japan went.

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