Toyota considering Corolla recall

In another blow to the already troubled Toyota, the company is reported to be considering a recall of its top-selling Corolla after receiving complaints about power steering problems.

Toyota executive in charge of quality control Shinichi Sasaki said the company had received fewer than 100 complaints regarding a strange feeling of loss of control over the steering.

He said though the cause of the problem and the number of vehicles affected were unclear, Toyota was taking the issue seriously and would declare a recall if need arises.

The steering trouble could be a result of either a braking system fault or a problem with the tyres, Mr Sasaki said.

In a bid to salvage its reputation, Toyota is putting customers first and will do whatever it takes to rectify all problems, he added.

The world's biggest car manufacturer has recalled 8.5 million vehicles across the globe in the past four months due to complaints regarding sticky accelerator pedals, floor mats trapping accelerators and faulty braking.

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