Toy cars still revive the inner child

Toy cars still revive the inner child

Despite the passing of time millions of adults have not lost their love of toy cars, a new survey from Honda suggests.

Over one in five grown-ups (22%) still enjoy playing with their children's replicas, regardless of whether offspring are around or not, the poll of 2,044 Britons found.

And the Japanese manufacturing giant reports that around half of these adults are not embarrassed by playing with their peers in tow.

Almost three in 10 British adults (29%) never throw away the prized toy cars they treasured as a child. One in 10 hide away their model cars while 7% place their hallowed collection on show.

Around one in eight adults (13%) have been given a toy car gift, while 6% wished they had been bought one.

Such passion means that toys cars are rarely out of the news for long.

Only last year the Beaulieu-based National Motor Museum's officials staged a new world record which saw 24,189 toy cars lined up , smashing the previous one of 14,310.

Earlier in 2015, Scalextric racing-car set and Matchbox car toys were placed fourth and eighth respectively in a Toy News trade magazine survey of history's greatest toys.

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