Tories push for drug-driver devices

The Conservatives have urged the UK Government to provide police officers with devices to detect drug-drivers.

'Drugalysers' - which would help officers to determine whether a person had taken any drugs before driving a car - are currently being used in Australia according to Conservative justice spokesman Bill Aitken.

The Tories have now told the Government that similar equipment should be made available in this country .

Mr Aitken said his party had been pressing Westminster politicians on the issue for the last three years, stating that the Tories had previously been told the "best case scenario" was that a testing kit would be available by the end of 2007.

But Mr Aitken said: "Two years later nothing has happened."

"The sooner this equipment is available for use, the better it will be for the safety of everyone on our roads."

Mr Aitken said while there had been a significant change in public attitudes towards drink-driving over the last 20 years, urgent action was now needed to tackle the problem of drug drivers.

He continued: "The existing system for dealing with drug drivers is laborious, involving road side tests where the suspect is asked to walk in a straight line and do mental arithmetic. If it results in an arrest, the police vehicle is off the road whilst the police surgeon is summoned and this can take two hours."

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