Topski Gearski takes on the STiG

Off-roading in Siberia might prove a useful taster for Topski Gearsky presenters who drink vodka at the wheel and taunt the KGB in Red Square.

Russian petrol-heads are to get their own version of TV`s top motoring show - and it will be looking to Clarkson, Hammond, May and the STiG to set a good example.

Like blowing things up, burning things down, running things over, crashing, speeding, being sick in a jet fighter and getting drunk on gin and tonic while driving to the North Pole.

BBC Worldwide said: "Russian audiences can look forward to strong opinions, daring stunts and comical escapades. Opportunities are limitless: Siberia, Red Square, `testing` vintage Ladas..."

Top Gear's presenters launched a £20 million world tour of their live show earlier this year, and Clarkson is now thought to be one of the corporation's highest-paid stars.

MIR Reality Production, a Russian production company, is to make 15 episodes for the broadcaster REN TV, which says: "Russia can be a difficult market to access. We hope our version will become as popular as the original."