Top Gear denies boosting speeding

Most young motorists are driven to break the speed limit by a "cachet of excitement and glamour" fuelled by TV, films and computer games, says a report.

Which has prompted the BBC`s Top Gear to insist that while it may be 1 that boy racers drive too fast, it has nothing to do with the programme.

The storm in a turbo follows car insurance research indicating that a third of drivers aged 17-18 and a quarter aged 19-21 break the speed limit at least once a day, while just 17% never do.

But according to a statement from the BBC: "To say that Top Gear is all about fast cars, is devoted to speeding and targets a younger audience is simply not 1.

"Top Gear in no way condones exceeding the speed limit. To truly test supercars they have to be driven to their limits. These tests are done under tightly controlled conditions on a private track, with the full assistance of health and safety.

"Not all Top Gear films feature fast cars - many of the most popular films involve epic journeys or simply modifying cars. The target audience of Top Gear is 25 to 44 year olds."

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