Top fantasy driving buddies named

Top fantasy driving buddies named

When it comes to picking the perfect partner for a long road trip, celebrity favourites such as George Clooney and Cheryl Cole are being forced to take a back seat.

Sixty per cent of drivers told a survey they would much rather be paired with their actual partner on along journey - a term which encompassed husbands, wives, best mates or work colleagues - compared to having a superstar in the passenger seat.

There are a few lone rangers out there, too, with around one in 10 telling Halfords that they would be happy with just a sat-nav system for company.

The leather runs smooth on the passenger seat for some driving partner choices, with comics David Walliams and Graham Norton both scoring 11% in the survey. Perhaps with one eye on the cake situation, TV cook Mary Berry was another popular driving compatriot, with 4.1% of the vote - just ahead of pop sweetheart Cheryl Cole.

Two per cent of drivers plumped for Top Gear motormouth Jeremy Clarkson, who was surprisingly chosen ahead of Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

In terms of the worst driving partner, Kim Kardashian was voted the least desired co-driver, ahead of her partner, Kanye West, and the multi-talented Katy Price.

A Halfords spokeswoman said that going on a long drive can be a good way of getting to know people, but most would prefer to be travelling with the people closest to them rather than strangers.

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