Ton-up policeman drove dangerously

A "ton-up" policeman has been convicted of dangerous driving after he crashed while tearing along the M4 motorway in a rainstorm.

Sergeant Craig Bannister, 30, was not on an emergency call when he drove his BMW 5 Series at up to 122mph before spinning out of control.

Cardiff Crown Court Recorder Peter Murphy QC will now weigh up the likely impact on Sgt Bannister's career before sentencing him in three weeks' time.

Taxi driver Stuart Morgan said his own wipers "couldn't keep up with the rain" when he saw Sgt Bannister's patrol car "lift up in the air" and crash into woods at the side of the road. Torrential rain stopped him from getting to the scene of the accident.

Sgt Bannister, an advanced driver, had claimed he was driving at an "appropriate" speed for the conditions before his marked car aquaplaned. He received minor injuries.

Black-box data from the car showed that Sgt Bannister, of Briton Ferry, Neath, South Wales, drove at 122mph, slowing to 115mph shortly before the crash.

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